Comprehensive CMV Safety Resources Available



The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University, as a follow up to their 2018 Commercial Vehicle Safety Summit, created their Commercial Vehicle Safety Center to serve as a point of contact between universities, law enforcement entities and driver licensing agencies as a means to improve commercial vehicle safety. Much like CV-STAC, their Commercial Vehicle Safety Center hosts webinars and other resources covering commercial driver licensing, the impacts of marijuana decriminalization, autonomous vehicles, and much more. As their Webinar and Resources pages are frequently updated, it can be useful to check up on them regularly.

Additionally, the University of Alabama's Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) hosts the Southern Service Center Commercial Motor Vehicle Technical Assistance Center (SSC-TAC). As a follow up to their 2018 Commercial Vehicle Safety Research Summit, the SSC-TAC acts as a resource and information center for increasing CMV safety stakeholders' network of support and communication surrounding best practices, safety and compliance. There, users can view presentations from past CMV Summits, as well as view additional resources addressing work zone safety, eCredentials, ending CMV-involved human trafficking, and much more.