Driver Distraction in Commercial Vehicles

Driver distraction can take many forms - using a mobile device, adjusting an interface, and even fatigue can take driver's attention away from the road. This behavior not only endangers the driver who is distracted, but poses a risk to all road users, whether they are other drivers, roadway workers, cyclists or pedestrians. Importantly, because commercial vehicles are often much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, they are capable of inflicting serious damage, injury, and fatalities. Here, find resources for addressing driver distraction in commercial vehicle operation.


Law Enforcement

International Association of Police Chiefs: Distracted Driving Toolkit 

Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety, UC San Diego: Just Drive - Deliver Distraction-Free

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute: Commercial Driver Distraction - Recent Insights from Naturalistic Driving Studies


This material is based upon work supported by the FMCSA under a cooperative agreement, FM-MHP-0551-20-01-00