Roundabout Driving Behavior

Funding Source: Safer Sim

Title: Impact of Deflection Angle on Roundabout Driver Behavior


Status: Completed

Summary: The proposed research investigates the correlation between roundabout entry deflection angles and safety based on observation of driver behavior both in the field and in a microsimulation environment. This is in accordance with the SAFER-SIM theme of using simulation techniques to address safety issues. In addition to microsimulation, the proposed research utilizes new technologies to track vehicles and investigate driver behavior in the field for various deflection angles and types of roundabouts. This is consistent with the thematic thrust areas of roadway design and traffic operations. The outcomes of this research are guidelines that will inform deflection angle design at roundabout entrances. These guidelines are expected to provide insights for improved roundabout entrance designs that can lead to lower vehicle speeds and consequently safer traffic operations at roundabouts. These outcomes are expected to be of interest to local government agencies, such as departments of transportation that are considering building new roundabouts in their jurisdictions or re-designing existing ones to improve traffic operations and safety. Future research could build on the proposed study to investigate combinations of geometric parameters that influence driver behavior and develop more detailed guidelines for roundabout design

Team: Michael Knodler, Eleni Christofa

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