NEW! Massachusetts Project Intake Tool (MaPIT) Workshops Announced!

Published on 08/18/2017

This three-hour workshop will introduce participants to MaPIT (pronounced Map-IT). MaPIT is a web-based application that will streamline completion of your municipal Project Need Form (PNF) and Project Initiation Form (PIF). This Massachusetts Project Intake Tool will be the primary interface for all state-funded projects created and will begin being utilized in October. This workshop will include instructor-led step-by-step software training and demonstrations.

Massachusetts Driver Skills and Safety Training Event Set for July 26

Published on 05/31/2017

The Massachusetts Highway Association is pleased to announce the statewide 2017 Massachusetts Driver Skills and Safety Training Event.

MUTCD Refresher & Recent Updates

Published on 05/05/2017

Donít miss this opportunity to learn about the 2009 MUTCD and information about Speed Limit Regulations that you should know to bring your city or town into compliance with FHWA and MassDOT mandates.

Wood Chipper Operation & Safety

Published on 05/05/2017

This program will improve your safety skills and knowledge while operating a chipper.

Learn What Makes Up the Basics of a Good Road

Published on 05/05/2017

This workshop will give attendees an understanding of what goes into the construction and maintenance of a good road and how they can implement these principals in their community.