Team Members


Photo of Chris Ahmadjian

Chris Ahmadjian, Ph. D.

Associate Director

Chris is responsible for leading a diverse team of highly skilled in-house and affiliated professionals to create a dynamic environment of innovative thinking.

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Training and Outreach

Photo of Mike Smith

Michael Smith

Technical Training Specialist

Michael Smith is the Technical Training Specialist from Baystate Roads. He was a Highway Superintendent for 20 years where he development and implemented modern road maintenance techniques.

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Photo of Stephanie Cottrell

Stephanie Cottrell

Project Coordinator

Stephanie Cottrell is a Project Coordinator for the Transportation Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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Photo of Caitlin Rachmaciej

Caitlin Rachmaciej

Project Coordinator

Caitlin started as a Project Coordinator in September of 2022.

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Mary Ann Donze

Mary Ann Donze

Project Coordinator

Mary Ann joined the UMass Transportation Center as a Project Coordinator in August of 2023.

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Finance and Administration

Photo of Kristina Stetson

Kristina Stetson

Administrative Manager

Kristina Stetson joined the UMass Transportation Center Regional Traveler Information Center (RTIC) in 2001 as the project Business Manager.

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Photo of Kim Foster

Kimberly Foster

Grants & Contracts Coordinator

Kimberly joined the UMass Transportation Center in February 2017 as the Grants & Contracts Coordinator.

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Photo of Michelle Farr

Michelle Farr


Michelle has 24 years of bookkeeping experience.

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Photo of Kassie Rounds

Kassandra Rounds

Administrative Assistant

Kassandra joined the UMass Transportation Center in January 2017 as an Administrative Assistant.

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Marketing and Communications

Photo of Aldo Villani

Aldo Villani

Marketing and Communications Manager

With over 20 years of graphic design, web design and marketing experience, my goal is to increase the awareness and exposure of the UMass Transportation Center.

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Photo of Kathryn Donnelly

Kathryn Donnelly

Media Relations Specialist

Kathryn Donnelly has been with the UMass Transportation Center since June 2014. Starting as a Workshop Coordinator under Baystate Roads, she transitioned to the Media Relations Specialist for the center in early 2016.

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