Master Roads Scholars

Due to the pandemic, Road Scholar awarding was put on hold.  But we are now working to process awards earned prior to April 7th, 2020 to get awards delivered and to get us up to date. 

While we’ve been apart, the Roads Scholar program was revamped.  As of April 8th, 2020 training efforts will be calculated using a different method.  Instead of counting the number of courses completed, we will track the number of eligible contact hours. Each eligible training hour will equal one contact hour. The awards presented to a recipient will remain in place. Please take a look below at the new structure.

What is a Master Roads Scholar?

In addition to the regular Roads Scholar award, we offer a MASTER ROADS SCHOLAR requiring the completion of 110 contact hours of eligible Baystate Roads workshops.

Participants who have previously earned the Roads Scholar level may achieve the MASTER ROADS SCHOLAR status. 
Presentation of the Master Roads Scholar award is typically held at a Baystate Roads Advisory meeting to highlight this achievement among peers and colleagues. In addition, the Master Roads Scholar will receive:
• Letter of recognition to your town or city
• Article of recognition in M3 Quarterly
• An engraved plaque
• A MRS jacket

See the list of Master Roads Scholars.

Roads Scholars

What is a Roads Scholar?

A Roads Scholar has completed 35 contact hours of eligible Baystate Roads workshops.

Upon completion of the 35 contact hours, the Roads Scholar will be presented with the following:
• Framed Baystate Roads Scholar certificate
• Baystate Roads Scholar T-Shirt
• Letter of recognition to your town or city

You may be asked to confirm class participation by mailing/faxing a copy of your certificates.

See the list of Roads Scholars.