Driver Behavior Short Lanes

Funding Source: Safer Sim

Title: Analysis of Driver Behavior and Operations Intersection Short Lanes

Date: 2016

Status: Completed

Summary: With the ever increasing demand to add roadway capacity in a safe and efficient manner, the application of intersection short lanes has increased in recent years. Short-lane intersections exist when there is an added through lane upstream of a traffic signal that is removed downstream of the intersection via a gradually tapered merge back into the original lane (see Figure 1). In theory, these lanes increase the capacity of signalized intersection, however the intersection geometry presents several unique challenges for drivers. Furthermore, the benefits of the increased capacity are only realized if the drivers are making decisions that maximize the utilization of the introduced short lane. This project proposes to employ both microsimulation and driving simulation to evaluate both the operational efficiency of short lanes as well as the driver performance elements related to their operation. Our improved understanding of driver performance will directly translate into improved design practices for introducing short lanes at signalized intersections.