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Marcos Luna

Associate Professor - Geography
Salem State University

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Research and Background

PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY- I received my Ph.D. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with a concentration in Technology, Environment and Society from the University of Delaware in 2007. I received my M.A. in Geography from California State University, Los Angeles in 2000. Before coming to Salem State University, I worked as an Environmental Analyst for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and before that, as a GIS consultant for Native American tribes in the Southwest and Northwest. In addition, I have held research assistantships in grant-funded remote sensing and spatial analysis projects and have participated in various health and environmental public service projects in Massachusetts, Delaware and California. PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS - My areas of expertise and interest include Energy, Environmental Justice, Environmental Policy, Environmental History, Political Ecology, Public Health, Social Justice and Inequality, and GIS analysis. I am particularly interested in applications of geospatial technology to environmental sustainability and environmental justice challenges. I am also interested in histories of landscape, environmental change, and perception. I am currently working on a project to document and understand how seasonality was represented and understood in early America, and how those representations or perceptions did, and did not, correspond with local geographic realities.

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Marcos Luna
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