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Xinwen Fu

Director, I-SAFER
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Research and Background

Asst. Prof. Xinwen Fu was an avid fisherman before coming to UMass Lowell, where he spends most of his time now focused on catching the bad guys—cyber criminals. Fu, who joined the university’s Department of Computer Science in the fall of 2008, is an expert in network security and privacy, network and computer forensics, information assurance, system reliability and networking quality of service. The number of cyber-related crimes has risen dramatically worldwide as mobile computing, wireless networks and the Internet have become pervasive and ubiquitous. Fu is spearheading efforts to help protect the country’s national cyber infrastructure. Fu says he was excited to join the UMass Lowell community. “The University enjoys a reputation for technological innovation and entrepreneurship,” he says. “The Department of Computer Science has world-class professors with varied research backgrounds and a friendly environment that fosters collaboration.” Fu and doctoral candidate, Yinjie Chen, demonstrate and explain the technology used to run the "G-Searcher," an indoor surveillance robot designed to help policing efforts in locating hackers and potential terrorists hiding in buildings:

Connect with Xinwen Fu

Xinwen Fu
1 University Ave,
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854