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Hari Balasubramanian

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Operations research applied to healthcare delivery, specifically patient access management and medical decision making and health policy; scheduling theory and algorithms; combinatorial optimization; heuristics; genetic algorithms.

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Hari Balasubramanian
ELab 322, University of Massachusetts, 160 Governors Drive
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003

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B.E: Production Engineering, Regional Engineering College, Trichy, India, 2000; M.S: Industrial Engineering, Arizona State University, 2002; Ph.D: Industrial Engineering, Arizona State University, 2006


Publications (students indicated with a *), updated July 2014, also see Google Scholar page.

Alvarez Oh*, H-J, Muriel, A., and Balasubramanian, H., A user-friendly Excel simulation for scheduling in primary care practices, Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, 2014 (accepted) pdf.

Ozen, A.*, Balasubramanian, H., Samra, P., Ehresman, M., Li, H., Fairman, T., and Roche, J., The impact of hourly discharge rates and prioritization on timely access to inpatient beds, Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, 2014 (accepted), pdf.

Henneman, P. L., Nathanson, B. H., Ribeiro, K*., & Balasubramanian, H. (2014). The impact of age and gender on resource utilization and profitability in emergency department patients seen and released. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2014 (accepted and published online).

Stahl, J., Balasubramanian, H., Gao, X.*, Overko, S., Fosburgh, B., Balancing clinical experience in outpatient residency training, accepted and published online in Medical Decision Making, 2014, pdf.

Oh, H.*, Muriel, A., Balasubramanian, H., Ptaszkiewicz, T., and Atkinson, K., Guidelines for scheduling in primary care under different patient types and stochastic nurse and provider service times, IIE Transactions on Health Systems Engineering, appeared December 2013, pdf. Excel tool. Magazine, featured article (see 2nd page).

Khowala, K.*, Fowler, J., Keha, A., and Balasubramanian, H., Single machine scheduling with interfering job sets, accepted and online at Computers and Operations Research, pdf. Test instances for Problem 1 or P1 with text file description; test instances for Problem 2 or P2 with text file and description. Separate link for paper and test cases.

Balasubramanian, H., Biehl, S.*, Dai, L.*, and Muriel, A., Dynamic scheduling of same-day requests in multi-physician primary care practices in the presence of prescheduled appointments, accepted and online in Health Care Management Science, pdf. DOI: 10.1007/s10729-013-9242-2

Ozen, A.*, and Balasubramanian, H., The impact of case-mix on timely access to appointments in a primary care group practice, Health Care Management Science. 16 (2): 101-118, 2013, pdf; spreadsheet.

Balasubramanian, H., Muriel, A., Ozen, A.*, Wang, L.*, Hippchen, J.*, and Gao, X.*, Capacity allocation and flexibility in primary care, Springer Book on Healthcare Operations Management, Editor: Brian Denton, 2013, pdf.

Zhang, J.*, Denton, B., Balasubramanian, H., Shah, N., and Inman, B., Optimization of prostate biopsy referral decisions, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management: Special Healthcare Issue, 2012, 14(4), 529-547, pdf.

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Balasubramanian, H., Muriel, A., Wang, L.*, The impact of flexibility and capacity allocation on the performance of primary care practices, Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 2012, 24 (4), 422-447. pdf.

Balasubramanian, H., Primary healthcare in developing nations, feature article, OR/MS Today, April 2011, Volume 38 (2), 30-34. (link)

Balasubramanian, H., Banerjee, R., Denton, B., Naessens, J., Wood, D., and Stahl, J., Improving clinical access and continuity using physician panel redesign, Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2010, 25 (10), 1109-15. (pdf).

Balasubramanian, H., Denton, B., Lin, M.*, Managing physician panels in primary care, Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems, CRC Press (Taylor and Francis), Editor: Yuehwern Yih, 10-1, 2011.

Denton, B., Miller, A., Balasubramanian, H., and Huschka, T., Optimal allocation of surgery blocks to operating rooms under uncertainty, Operations Research, 58:802:816, 2010. (pdf)

Berg,B.*, Nelson, H., Denton,B., Balasubramanian, H., Rahman, A., Bailey, A., and Lindor, K., A discrete event simulation model to evaluate the operational performance of a colonoscopy suite, Medical Decision Making, 30(3), pp 380-387, 2010. (pdf)

Balasubramanian, H., The resettlement of refugee farmers, OR/MS Today, April 2009, Volume 36, #2 (special issue on international applications of operations research). More details here.

Balasubramanian, H., Fowler, J., Keha, A. and Pfund, M., Scheduling interfering job sets on parallel machines, European Journal of Operational Research, 2009, 199 (1), pages 55-67 (pdf)

Pfund, M., Balasubramanian, H., Fowler, J., Mason, S., and Rose, O., A multi-criteria approach to scheduling wafer fabrication facilities, Journal of Scheduling, 11 (1), 2008, 29-47 (pdf).

Mohan, S., Gopalakrishnan, M., Balasubramanian, H., and Chandrashekar, A., A lognormal approximation of activity duration in PERT using two time estimates, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol 58, Number 6, 827-831, 2007 (pdf).

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Balasubramanian, H., Monch, L., Fowler, J.W., and Pfund, M.E., Genetic Algorithm based scheduling of parallel batch machines with incompatible job families to minimize total weighted tardiness, International Journal of Production Research, Vol 42 (8), 2004 (pdf). [masters thesis]

Ponnambalam, S., Balasubramanian, H., Kataria, M., and Gadicherla, A., A TSP-GA multi-objective algorithm for flow-shop scheduling, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol 23, 2004, 909-915. [undergraduate thesis]

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Full Curriculum Vitae