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Sanjay Arwade

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Research and Background

Probabilistic mechanics; material mechanics; historic structures; structural reliability; computational solid mechanics; structural aspects of wind energy development, structural design of green buildings.

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Sanjay Arwade
223 Marston Hall, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 130 Natural Resources Road,
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003


Research Projects:

14. Breaking wave loads on offshore wind turbines (BOEM, current)

13. Development of a national offshore wind research agenda (MassCEC, current)

12. Geospatial statistical modeling for efficiency and economy in site investigations and foundation design (MassCEC / BOEM, current)

11. Cross-laminated Timber Panels from Low-value Northeastern Woods (NSF, current)

10. GOALI/Collaborative Research: Efficient Multiline Mooring Systems for Floating Wind Turbines (NSF, MassCEC, current)

9. Collaborative Research: Advancing the Dissemination of the Creative Art of Structural/Civil Engineering (NSF, current)

8. GOALI/Collaborative Research: Advancing System Reliability with Application to Light-Framed Structures (NSF, current)

7. Reliability-based Hurricane Risk Assessment for Offshore Wind Farms (NSF, current) with Andy Myers and Jerry Hajjar of Northeastern6. UMass wind energy IGERT (NSF, current)

5. Reconfiguring steel structures: energy dissipation and buckling mitigation through the use of steel foams (NSF, current)

4. Modeling the design limit states of structural composite lumber (NSF, current)

3. Adaptive use of historic truss bridges for civil engineering education (NSF, completed), press release

2. Preliminary experiments on the structural application of metal foam (UMass, completed)

1. A framework for microstructural design using Bayesian classifiers (NSF, completed)


Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Cornell University, 2002; M.S. Civil Engineering, Cornell University,1999; B.S.E. Civil Engineering, Princeton University, 1996


Journal Publications:

61. Smith BH, Chatterjee A, Arwade SR, Moen CD, Schafer BW “System Reliability Benefits of Repetitive Framing in Cold-Formed Steel Floor Systems” Journal of Structural Engineering (in press)

60. Khoshbakht N, Clouston PL, Arwade SR “Computational modeling of laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) dowel connections” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (in press)

59. Chatterjee A, Arwade SR, Schafer BW, Moen CD “System Reliability of Floor Diaphragms Framed from Cold-Formed Steel with Wood Sheathing” Journal of Structural Engineering (in press)

58. Alvarez J, Brea SF, Arwade SR “Backbone curves for jacketed columns” ACI Structural Journal (in press)

57. Bian G, Chatterjee A, Buonopane SG, Arwade SR, Moen CD, Schafer BW “Reliability of cold-formed steel framed shear walls as impacted by variability in fastener response” Engineering Structures 142:84-97 (2017)

56. Wei K, Myers AT, Arwade SR “Dynamic Effects in the Response of Offshore Wind Turbines Supported by Jackets under Wave Loading” Engineering Structures 142:36-45 (2017)

55. Amini A, Arwade SR, Clouston PL “Modeling the effect of void shapes on the compressive behavior of parallel strand lumber” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (2017)

54. Song J, Sun Q, Yang Z, Luo S, Xiao X, Arwade SR, Zhang G “Effects of microporosity on elasticity and yielding of the thin wall of metallic hollow spheres” Materials Science and Engineering A DOI: 10.1016/j.msea.2017.01.105 (2017)

53. Smith* BH, Arwade SR, Schafer BW, Moen CD “Design Capacity, Component and System Reliability in Cold Formed Steel Framed Buildings” Engineering Structures DOI:10.1016/j.engstruct.2016.08.049 (2016)

52. Wei* K, Arwade SR, Myers AT, Hallowell S, Hajjar JF, Hines EM “Toward Performance-based Evaluation for Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Support Structures” Renewable Energy 97:709-721

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50. Carswell* W, Arwade SR, DeGroot DJ, Myers AT “Natural Frequency Degradation and Permanent Accumulated Rotation for Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles in Clay” Renewable Energy 97:319-330

49. Valamanesh* V, Myers AT, Arwade SR, Hajjar JF, Hines EM, Pang W “Wind-wave Prediction Equations for Probabilistic Offshore Hurricane Hazard Analysis” Natural Hazards DOI: 10.1007/s11069-016-2331-z

48. Stewart* GM, Lackner MA, Arwade SR, Hallowell* S, Myers AT “Statistical Estimation of Extreme Loads for the Design of Offshore Wind Turbines” Wind Engineering 39:629-650 (2015)

47. Fontana* CM, Carswell* W, Arwade SR, DeGroot DJ, Myers AT “Sensitivity of the dynamic response of monopile-supported offshore wind turbines to structural and foundation damping” Wind Engineering 39:609-627 (2015)

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44. Myers AT, Arwade SR, Valamanesh* V, Hallowell* S “Strength, Stiffness, Resonance and the Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles” Engineering Structures 100:332-341 (2015)

43. Hallowell* S, Myers AT, Arwade SR “Variability of breaking wave characteristics and associated impact loads on offshore wind turbines supported by monopiles” Wind Energy DOI:10.1002/we.1833 (2015)

42. Valamanesh* V, Myers AT, Arwade SR “Multivariate Analysis of Extreme Metocean Conditions for Offshore Wind Turbines” Structural Safety 2015:60-69 DOI:10.1016/j.strusafe.2015.03.002 (2015)

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38. Ciftci* C, Arwade SR, Kane B, Brena SF “An approach to fragility analysis for open-grown trees during wind storms ” Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics

37. Amini* A, Arwade SR, Clouston PL, Rattanaserikiat* S “Characterization and Probabilistic Modeling of the Mesostructure of Parallel Strand Lumber” Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0001116 (2014)

36. Arwade SR, Gioffre M “Validity of stationary probabilistic models for wind speed records of varying duration” Renewable Energy 69:74-81 (2014)

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