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Erin Baker

Associate Dean/Professor and Director of Wind Energy IGERT

Wind Energy IGERT and Director of Energy, Environment, and Economic Decision making laboratory.

Research and Background

Climate Change Applying operations research methods to environmental and energy economics and policy; how uncertainty impacts global climate change policy in a strategic environment; the economics of distributed generation; the interplay between energy and development in Africa

Contact Info

Erin Baker
120C Marston Hall, University of Massachusetts, 160 Governors Drive,
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003


Combining operations research methods and economics to decision making under uncertainty applied to the field of energy and the environment, with a focus on publicly-funded energy technology Research and Development portfolios in the face of climate change. Other topics include evaluating the sustainability of the electricity grid in New England as well as in developing countries, and evaluating the environmental costs and benefits of offshore wind energy.

Program Area:

Industrial Engineering

Research Area:

Renewable Energy


B.A. U.C. Berkeley, 1986; M.S. Stanford University, 1998; Ph.D. Stanford University, 2002


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