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Erich Hinlein

Research Assistant Professor

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Research and Background

Design and deployment of instrumentation for remote monitoring of groundwater and surface water parameters, Remediation system design and implementation for contaminated soils and groundwater, Water/soil sampling and analysis techniques

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Erich Hinlein
Engineering Lab II, Room 210A, College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 101 North Service Road,
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003


Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 1999; MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 1991; BS, Computer Systems Engineering, University of Massachusetts, 1985


William G. Lukas, DeGroot, DJ, Ostendorf, DW and Hinlein, ES. (2015) Multi-Scale Hydrogeologic Characterization of a Leaky Till Mantled Fractured Bedrock Aquifer System. Canadian Geotechnical Journal. 10.1139/cgj-2014-0296.

Ostendorf, DW, Lukas, WG, and Hinlein, ES. (2015) Closed Form Flow Model of a Damped Slug Test in a Fractured Bedrock Borehole. Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 529, pp. 1116-1128

David W. Ostendorf, Lukas, WG, DeGroot, DJ, and Hinlein, ES. Damped Purge Tests in Monitoring Wells at the Contact Surface of a Till Mantled Bedrock Drumlin. Water Resources Research. Submitted June, 2014.

Ostendorf, DW, Hinlein ES, and Judge, AI. (2012) Floodplain Hydraulics in a Glaciated Riverbed Valley. Hydrology Research. In press

Ostendorf, DW, Hinlein ES, and Choi, SK. (2012) Case Study: Reduced Road Salt Spillage Due to Indoor Delivery and Loading. Journal of Environmental Engineering. In press.

Hinlein, ES and DeGroot, DJ. A Modified Freezing Drive Shoe for a Wireline Piston Sampler. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation. Submitted June 2010.

Ostendorf, DW, Palmer, RN, and Hinlein, ES. (2009) Seasonally Varying Highway De-icing Agent Contamination in a Groundwater Plume from an Infiltration Basin. Hydrology Research, Vol: 40:6. 520-532.

Ostendorf, DW, Rotaru, C, and Hinlein, ES. (2008) Steady Groundwater Transport of Highway Deicing Agent Constituents from an Infiltration Basin. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering-ASCE . Vol: 134:5. 630-637.

Ostendorf, DW, DeGroot, DJ, and Hinlein, ES. (2007) Unconfined Aquifer Response to Infiltration Basins and Shallow Pump Tests. Journal of Hydrology. Vol: 338 :1-2. 132-144.

Ostendorf, DW, Schoenberg, TH, Hinlein, ES, and Long, SC. (2007) Monod Kinetics for Aerobic Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Unsaturated Soil Microcosms. Environmental Science and Technology. Vol: 41:7. 2343-2349.

Ostendorf, DW, Hinlein, ES, Ahlfeld, DP, and DeJong, JT. (2006) Calibrated Models of Deicing Agent Solids, Pavement Texture, and Specific Conductivity of Highway Runoff. Journal of Environmental Engineering-ASCE Vol: 132:12. 1562-1571.

Ostendorf, DW, Hinlein, ES, Rotaru, C, and DeGroot, DJ. (2006) Contamination of Groundwater by Outdoor Highway Deicing Agent Storage. Journal of Hydrology. Vol: 326 :1-4. 109-121.

Nevin, KP, Holmes, DE, Woodard, TL, Hinlein, ES, Ostendorf, DW, and Lovley, DR. (2005) Geobacter bemidjiensis sp nov and Geobacter psychrophilus sp nov., Two Novel Fe(III)-Reducing Subsurface Isolates. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. Vol: 55. 1667-1674.

Ostendorf, DW, Hinlein, ES, Lutenegger, AJ, and Tehrany, JP. (2003) A Simple Model of Soil-Gas Concentrations Sparged into an Unlined Unsaturated Zone. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation. Vol: 23:2. 73-83.

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