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Nick Lownes

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Public Transportation Systems; Public Transportation Economincs; Traffic Microsimulation; Network Modeling

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Nick Lownes
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut, 261 Glenbrook Road, U‐2037,
Storrs, Connecticut 06269


Iowa State University, Civil Engineering, B.S. – 2001;The University of Texas at Austin, Civil Engineering (Transportation) M.S. – 2005;The University of Texas at Austin, Civil Engineering (Transportation), Ph.D. – 2007


Recent publications:

Lownes, N.E., Wang, Q., Ibrahim, S., Ammar, R., Rajasekaran, S. and Sharma, D. A. (2011) Many-to-Many Game Theoretic Approach to Measuring Transportation Network Vulnerability, Transportation Research Record (in press).

Mamun, S. and Lownes, N.E. (2011)A composite index of public transportation accessibility, Journal of Public Transportation, 14(2): 69 – 87.

Mamun, S. and Lownes, N.E. (2011)Measuring Service Gaps: An Accessibility-Based Transit Need Index, Transportation Research Record (in press).

Yannes, C., Lownes, N.E., Garrick, N. and Johnston, R. (2010)Operationalizing placemaking in a choice experiment context, Transportation Research Record, 2144: 121-129.

Lownes, N.E. and Machemehl, R.B. (2010) Exact and Heuristic Methods for Public Transit Circulator Design, Transportation Research Part B, 44(2): 309-318.

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