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Jenna Marquard

Assistant Professor

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Research and Background

Modeling how individuals gather and use information to make complex decisions, particularly in the area of health information technology (IT).

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Jenna Marquard
120G Marston Hall, University of Massachusetts, 160 Governors Drive,
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003


B.S., University of Iowa, 2003; M.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2004; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2007


Marquard, J., Jo, J., Henneman, P., Fisher, D., & Henneman, B. (2012). Can visualizations complement our choices of quantitative process analysis measures? A case study of nurses identifying patients before administering medications. Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, forthcoming.

Radhakrishnan, K., Jacelon, C., Bigelow, C., Roche, J., & Marquard, J. (2012). Use of a homecare electronic health record (EHR) to find associations between patient characteristics and hospitalizations for heart failure patients using telehealth services. Journal of Telehealth and Telecare, forthcoming.

Mertens, W., Christov, S., Avrunin, G., Clarke, L., Osterweil, L., Cassels, L., & Marquard, J. (2012). Using process elicitation and validation to understand and improve chemotherapy ordering and delivery. Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, forthcoming.

Henneman, P., Marquard, J., Fisher, D., Bleil, J., Walsh, B., Henneman, J., Blank, F., Higgins, A.M., Nathanson, B., & Henneman, E. (2012). Barcode verification: Reducing but not eliminating medication errors. Journal of Nursing Administration, forthcoming.

Lopez, M., Esparza, A., Lavine, M, & Marquard, J. (2012). Your textbook can’t help you here: Applying traditional methods to atypical data. Chance, forthcoming. (educational article in collaboration with statistics graduate students)

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