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Krystal Pollitt

Assistant Professor
Yale University

Research and Background

Exposure to air pollution, particularly traffic-related air pollutants, has been linked to the development of cardiopulmonary diseases, execration of existing chronic airway disease, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and premature death. Traffic-related air pollutants represents is complex mixture of gases, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons, as well as nano-sized particulate matter known as ultrafine particles. My research is interested in characterising our personal exposure to traffic-related air pollutants through the development of wearable sensors and new approaches for biological monitoring. The analytical tools that we are working on in the lab will improve exposure assessment in epidemiological studies investigating the link between traffic-related air exposures and disease.

Connect with Krystal Pollitt

Krystal Pollitt
Environmental Health Sciences, 60 College Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06510