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Danjue Chen

Associate Professor
NC State University, Department of Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering

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Research and Background

Dr. Chen has been working in traffic flow and autonomous vehicles. Her research interests include: (1) Traffic flow modeling & control, (2) Modeling and control of connected automated vehicles (CAVs), (3) Human-automation interaction involving CAVs, and (4) smart cities Her research aims to (1) better understand the fundamental nature of traffic flow, particularly with cutting-edge vehicle technologies such as connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles, (2) understand the human-cyber-physical-system of smart vehicles which includes sensing, computation, communication and control, (3) understand the complex interaction between human and machines (like smart vehicles), and (4) leveraging emerging vehicular technologies to enable safe, efficient, and eco transportation. Her research has been sponsored by NSF, USDOT, and state DOTs. Dr. Chen has received the NSF CAREER award.

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Danjue Chen
NC State, Department of Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering, Fitts-Woodlard Hall
Raleigh, North Carolina