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Eve Vogel

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Research and Background

My research is on the politics, history and policy of sustainable river management. Recent and current research projects focus on (1) river floods in New England, and (2) the relationship between rivers, hydropower, and a changing electrical grid/system. The key overlaps with transportation are in thinking about improving road-stream crossings for community resilience and ecological improvement; and in examining how changing transportation systems, e.g. an increase in electric vehicles, may impact the regional electrical grid/system and thereby the environments and communities on which it depends. In addition, I serve on Amherst's Transportation Advisory Committee and advocate for bicycle, pedestrian and public transportation infrastructure and education. Finally, I am interested in the intersection between equity in public schools, the geography of a community's neighborhoods, businesses and schools, and families' access to non-car transportation.

Contact Info

Eve Vogel
UMassAmherst, Morrill II, 242, 627 North Pleasant Street, 233 Morrill Science Center
Amherst, Massachusetts 01003


PhD Geography, University of Oregon, 2007; MEd Secondary Science Education, Portland State University, 1995; BS Environmental Biology, Yale University, 1987


Vogel et al 2016: Supporting New England Communities to Become River-Smart: Policies and Programs that can Help New England Towns Thrive Despite River Floods, See esp. Recommendation 2, Upgrade Vulnerable Stream Crossing Infrastructure, p. 41+.

Amherst Transportation Plan, April 2015. See also Amherst Transportation Advisory Committee: