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Kshitij Jerath

Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Research and Background

Dr. Kshitij Jerath recent works have been in the field of intelligent transportation systems with specific emphasis on the role of connected autonomous vehicles in influencing traffic flow and mitigating congestion. He is the team lead for the Emergent Dynamics, Control, and Analytics Lab (Exalabs) and is also affiliated to the NERVE center at UMass Lowell. The Exalabs research team is interested in identifying the optimal spatial scales for observing traffic flow, as well as determining the spatial regions from which microscopic scale control efforts can impact macroscopic scale traffic flow dynamics. From a broader perspective, his research team is working towards modeling, quantifying, and influencing collective, emergent behavior in multi-scale self-organizing systems, including traffic flow patterns, swarms of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles (i.e. drones), and social communities.

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Kshitij Jerath
209 Dandeneau Hall, One University Ave
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854