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Jianqiang Wei

Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Research and Background

My research focuses on advanced materials for resilient and sustainable infrastructure systems. I have extensive research interests in cement chemistry, concrete durability, 3D printing and novel cementitious composites design through nanoengineering, thermodynamic and performance-oriented approaches. I have conducted studies on high-performance cement composites, durable concrete and sustainable cementitious materials, in particular, natural fiber-reinforced sustainable cement composites, micro-fiber (whisker) reinforced cement based materials, aggressive ions (salts) induced deteriorations of concrete, degradation kinetics and mechanisms of natural reinforcement in cement systems, sustainable concrete sealant, hydration of Portland cement, and multi-scale characterizations. The goal of my research is to design sustainable, reliable, and durable structural materials to stratify the quality requirement and performance expectation of future infrastructures including buildings, bridges, pavements, sidewalks and other structures.

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Jianqiang Wei
1 University Ave., Kitson Hall 200
Lowell, Massachusetts 01854