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Matthew Romoser

Associate Professor
Western New England University

Dept of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management

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Research and Background

Dr. Romoser’s research is in the domains of transportation human factors, driver training and evaluation, traffic safety, professional learning and training, the development and usability of deployable training systems and intelligent tutoring systems. His research has focused on the evaluation and training of at risk populations such as teenage and elderly drivers. Most recently his efforts have also expanded to include at risk occupational groups such as rideshare and professional service (police, ambulance, fire) drivers. He has worked to assess the training needs of at risk groups and develop training systems that are deployable and usable by the target populations. This has resulted in the creation of training platforms such as Simulator-based Risk Awareness and Perception Training (Sim-RAPT), mobile platform training (Distractology 101 with Arbella Insurance) as well as tablet based hazard perception training with State Farm.

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Matthew Romoser
Sleith Hall, Room 307A, 1215 Wilbraham Road
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